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Rob and Nat - The New Build Couple
- Dont limit your challenges. Challenge your limits

We are Rob and Natalie, also known as 'The New Build Couple', two passionate young professionals who, at the time, unknowingly embarked on an extraordinary journey. Our paths crossed during college, where we were both studying architectural technology, and our shared love for the field forged a deep connection. We now wear many hats in the world of real estate: we are designers/draftsmen, builders/developers, and real estate agent (Natalie). 


 Our story began with a leap of faith when we purchased a condo straight out of college at the age of 19. We didn't have a penny to our names, but we used a government program aimed to help first time home buyers, although it came with a higher interest rate. Though the experience taught us valuable lessons, we soon realized that this wasn't the ideal path for us due to high condo fees and unfavorable interest rates.  Eager to find a better solution, we stumbled upon the game-changing concept of Auto Construction loans. (Thank you to my parents!)


This trade secret allowed us to build a home from scratch, setting in motion a remarkable series of events.  My parents coached us on the potential of adding a basement apartment to our property to offset expenses and generate additional income. When we got our first rent check, it was a lightbulb moment that ignited our passion for real estate investment. We knew we were onto something great – a formula that could transform our dreams into reality. With a lot of determination, we continued to build more homes for investment purposes. Before we knew it, our business had taken shape, and our net worth soared before we reached the age of 30.  We are well on our way to owning 10M$ worth of real estate.    


While our journey may not have followed the conventional route of most twenty year old's, it provided us with invaluable insights from an early stage. We realized that real estate investing, when approached strategically, could be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding venture.  The possibilities it offered were boundless – a steady stream of passive income, the path to long-term wealth, and the fulfillment of creating something tangible from scratch. Yet, we acknowledge that this success wasn't without its challenges. Real estate investing demands profound knowledge, meticulous planning, hard work, and relentless dedication. It's an endeavor that requires continuous learning and adaptability in an ever-evolving market.

Natalie has crafted an invaluable E-Book that serves as your comprehensive guide to property development and long-term property ownership. We hope that our story, alongside the knowledge and experience we've gained, will serve as a beacon of inspiration to guide you on your path towards financial success as well. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to knowledge that can empower them to reach their financial aspirations. That's precisely why we designed this E-Book

Here's to your journey towards financial success!

- Rob and Nat

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