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We met in college, while both studying architectural technology. Freshly graduated from school, we had no money to our names and were making entry-level salaries. I, (Nat), landed a job as a custom home designer, but Rob juggled minor renovation work for my Dad's company while painting houses on the side.

All About How We Got Started

Our plan was simple: rent an apartment and find a job in an architecture-related field for Rob. But a meeting with a financial advisor changed our perspective. Thanks to a government program for first-time homebuyers that required only a 5% down payment in exchange for a higher interest rate, we decided to make the jump into home ownership instead. We bought a new build basement unit condo for 185k with a 5.4% interest rate. However, when adding in the always increasing conde fees, it didn't take long for us to realize that condo life wasn't for us.

- Dont limit your challenges. Challenge your limits

That's when my mom shared a game-changing secret: Auto-Construction loans. By putting in some sweat equity, there was a way for us to build a brand new home for 0% down! So that's what we did. We put together a small bungalow design and jumped in, hammer in hand. Then we even added a basement unit to "house hack", turning expenses into an income stream. Wanting to repeat the process, we ventured into new construction of multifamily homes, eventually founding our investment company in 2018.​


Today, we're own a $9M portfolio, all from new construction properties, mostly small multi families like duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, but our journey continues...

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