Hi, We're Rob and Nat,

We started our investing journey when we were 20 years old with 0$ in the bank
by building our house from the ground up. We did most of the
work ourselves
in order to replace the 20% down payment in sweat equity.  This project
us to build a second property
the same way and we kept going from there.  


We call this strategy the Build & Hold Strategy or better yet the BRRR method so
kind of like the traditional BRRRR except it's Build, Rent, Refinance Repeat! 

So far (as of April 2021) we've acquired a total of 12 properties which are made up of

24 doors and 2 vacant pieces of land for future builds. We have however sold 4 lower 

cash flowing properties since in order to recycle capital to reinvest in better cash flowing projects.

Today we are 28 years old, have 0$ in bad debt, have 1 property paid free and clear and had achieved a combined networth of over a million dollars by age 27. 


I (Nat) started this blog to inspire others to think outside the box. The Build & Hold strategy has been really fantastic for us but it's not the only strategy we do. We recently started exploring the BRRRR method as well as something I like to call long term flipping (where you rent out a property for just a couple years before you sell it) and we are constantly coming up with new investment ideas that we wish to explore one day! Either way, our main focus at the moment is on long term wealth whether it's through Buy & Hold or Build & Hold.

My goal with this blog is to simply document our journey and post as much of the things we learned throughout so you can get inspired, hopefully learn a few things and maybe you can even apply some of it to your own situations.


So grab a drink and read on. Here's hoping we can add some value to your journey, Cheers!