Easy DIY Accent Wall

I absolutely loooove this accent wall. It's easy to do, cheap and makes a HUGE impact in any room! Although I can't take credit for it, I definitely stole this idea from a friend but I still want to show you how I did it in case you also want to give it a try! :)

1. I started by ripping a 1/2" MDF sheet in 2" wide pieces

2. Using a leveler, tape measure and pencil, I figured out the spacing I wanted to do and marked it all on the wall with a pencil first to see what it would look like.

3. Using a nail gun and 1" nails, I installed horizontal pieces at the top against the ceiling to make the length of the wall. Tip: you can see my not so perfect seem between the 2 pieces in the picture. To avoid this, I should of spackled the joint and sanded it way down before painting.

4. I then cut the 2" MDF pieces that were going vertically at the length needed. Tip: If you're alone and trying to measure the length you need, use a laser measuring tool. This is the one I use:

5. I nailed them in. Tip: To secure the boards to the drywall where there's no studs, instead of nailing them straight to the wall, you should nail them at alternating angles. Face the gun down, then up, down, then up. I learned this from Lindsay on Instagram, check her out she has a bunch of super cool DIY stories. @frills_and_drills.

6. Once everything is installed, it's time for the boring part. Caulk all the seems and putty the nail holes. Tip: Keep a towel close by because you'll need to wipe your finger as you smooth out the caulk.

For the putty I used the pink DryDex spackling with a small putty knife.

6. Let it dry and then sand everything until it's completely smooth. Use your hand to feel everything and make sure there are no left over ridges.

7. Now all that's left to do is paint! The color I chose is called “Into the Stratosphere“ by Sherwin Williams.

This was the room before. Talk about a transformation!

The photo below was my inspiration from my friend's dining room just to show you how it can be applied to almost any room!

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